The project consists of 70 villas each villa with a private swimming pool Villa consists of one of the role of basement – ground floor – the first floor – the roof and the different villas

The Concordia project is a residential villas area in the northern investors area of ​​the Fifth Compound in New Cairo. The project is located on two main streets. The eastern neighbor of the project is the Paseo project. The tribal neighbor is in a separate street and then the project of Blagoio. The sea side is a neighbor street and the west side is a neighbor street and then the land of the armed forces. From the surface of the sea about 350 meters and the high plateau of the plantations about 100 meters, which provides the summit of purity, purity and moderation and the general location of the project, especially and a variety of ease of movement to and from the project and the proximity of the 90th Street, one of the main streets In addition to the largest gathering of private schools, languages ​​and international schools, the availability of most recreational areas dedicated to the establishment of clubs and gardens such as Petrosport Club, Al-Jazira Club, the New Cairo Club, the Zohour Club and other clubs. And the accessibility of the sites and to the surrounding urban cities such as the city of Al Rehab Mexico Country Club – district Ashrafieh – district of Arabia – Pradiz – Lake View – Masrawia – Zezenia – Services and commercial centers of the city Alzla contains all administrative offices, giant corporations and banks